Crafts for Baby Handprints
Types of creative baby handprint crafts including plaster imprints and handprinting. Heirloom baby imprints kits make molding your children's handprints easy and withstand the test of time. Acid free matts including with footprinting and hand printing kits adorn priceless milestone pictures with your child's complimetary baby feet and hands.


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Baby Handprint Craft and Poem
Free craft ideas for making baby handprints. Simple baby handprinting craft uses a poem that is provided to add a unique touch. Uses waterbased paints to make handprints of baby.

Baby Handprinted Pillow
Unique handprint craft using baby's prints to make a lasting personalized pillow or sham. Fabric paints and and inkjet printable fabric are the base items used to make this handprint baby craft.

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