Scientific research and technical information about all kinds of technology and biology. Rocket science and space exploration giving way to biological classifications and evoloution.



Advantage of Stem Cell Research
Stem cell research and its advantages.

American Staffordshire Terriers
Dedicated to the American Staffordshire Terrier.

Animal Figurines Online
Online collections of animal figurines.

Aquarium Light Timer
Timers designed for aquarium light management and automation.

Asbestos Removal Laws
Removal and management laws of asbestos fiber.

Beetle Identification
Identifying beetles through pictures and characteristics.

Black Arabian Horses
Arabian horse information specific to the color black.

Brown Recluse Bites
Spider bite characteristics of the brown recluse.

Discovery Shuttle Disaster
Sources discussing the Discovery Shuttle disaster.

Dogs and resources for dogs.

Global Warming
All about global warming and its effects on the world.

Large Giant Squid
Information about some of the largest giant squid.

Learn to Read
Guide to reading and how to learn to read.

Native Americans
Indians of America.

Online Animal Figurines
Collectable online animal figurines.

Pets including dogs, cats and other animals kept in the home.

Reef Tank Lights
Reef tank lights for saltwater tanks.

Removal of Bees
Bees nest removal guide.

Science and Technology: Conceptions
The latest science and technology information resources.

Unique Cat Gifts
Unusual gifts for cats and kittens.

Additional Sites:

Educational Resource Center is an international educational site offering information on the list of Universities and colleges detailing their campus and courses. A perfect source for the aspiring students in shaping up their careers.

Earth Features | Earth Science | Nature
An informative and educational site focusing on three catagories of planet earth features, air, land, and water. subdivided into nine catagories of natural, unnatural and unknown content.

Mold advice and help, mold training, mold certification, and mold products and services for mold pro
Do it yourself and certified mold inspector, certified mold remediator, and certified environmental hygienist products and services available globally to locate, clean, kill, and remove visible toxic and household mold growth and mold infestations hidden inside ceilings, walls, floors, attics, basements, crawl spaces, attics, heating/cooling equipment and ducts, kitchens, bathrooms, and garages.

ABC Testing New England
ABC Testing Incorporated is certified as ASNT SNT TC 1A, level III in Ultrasonic, Radiography, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant. AWS Certified Welding Inspectors on staff. We can provide inspectors certified by the NYDOT in ultrasonic testing.

Relativity Calculator
Learn Einstein Special and General Relativity mathematics cosmology physics history and philosophy using Macintosh (Mac) Relativity Calculator software.

Wind Energy Investing
Wind energy industry news, stock information, and details on uses of renewable wind energy, new wind farms, and trends in wind power industry.

Solar Energy Investing
Solar energy industry news, stock information, and details on uses of renewable solar energy and photovoltaic cell technology.

Flint Hill Astronomy
Observable deep sky object lists, Telescope Making and Observatory Construction with photos, Dark Sky Sites (in TX area)

The Quantum Physics Society
PHP Based Forum For the discussion of Quantum Physics and Theories.

Biodiesel and Ethanol Investing
Biodiesel and Ethanol Investing focuses on news of biodiesel and ethanol stocks, trends, biodiesel and ethanol plants, and technologies like algae, cellulosic ethanol, and biomass.

Earthquake Statistics
A database that specializes in earthquakes. Features professional guides for all the most current earthquakes in history. This earthquake datatbase also features RSS feeds and a specialized earthquake search engine.

Learning Mathematics with the Abacus
Provides information that teaches and explains the use an abacus to solve mathematical problems as as a basis to improve mental arithmetic skills.

National Science Foundation
Funding for and information about scientific research of all kinds. NSF is an independent federal agency created to promote the progress of science, health and welfare of the people and secure the national defense.

Science headlines and stories as well as information about astronomy, space science, rocketry and more.

Popular Science
Online home of Popular Science magazine featuring tech articles and stories about medicine, space exploration, computers and automotive technology.

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